aromatherapy consultation questionnaire

For those of you that would like to have the benefit of aromatherapy at home we offer an online consultation service. We can create bespoke blends for you based on your requirements using the information that you submit through the online consultation questionnaire below. The blends can help relieve skin conditions like excema and dermatitis, ease muscular aches and pains, improve stress related conditions and aid relaxation. They can also be used for skin-care and home massage.

You can choose to receive your blend as a hand and body lotion, massage oil, or dispersing bath oil, or as any combination of these. Alternatively I may recommend a base such as aloe vera, moisturising cream or pure essential oils depending on the application. Each blend will consist of 30ml of the product and will arrive with instructions for application.

Prices below include postage and packing:
Consultation and 1 x 30ml personal blend - £15
Consultation and 2 x 30ml personal blends - £20
Consultation and 3 x 30ml personal blends - £25

All the information that you submit on this form is given in the strictest confidence and will never under any circumstances be shared with anyone else. Once we have made your blend we will keep this information in a secure database which only we have access to. You can choose to have it deleted once you have received your blend. It is helpful if you can give us some idea of the problem you are facing and information that might help us to determine a useful blend of oils to support you. For baby massage oil please give the age and any relevant information for the baby. You are free to give us as much or as little information as you choose and you accept the blend at your own risk. Aromatherapy is very safe if you follow the simple instructions for use which will accompany your blends.

Please fill in your details below and submit the form, you will then be able to make your purchase and pay online.