aromatherapy blends - made to order

I have developed these aromatherapy blends over the last seven years in response to the needs of clients, friends and family. Each blend is 30ml supplied in a glass bottle or jar unless otherwise stated. Orders are sent by first class post and a postage charge of £1.00 plus 30p per item will be added to your order.
If you order 4 or more products I will pop an extra one in for free.

Nourishing Skin Serum

This 50ml blend of oils is rich in nutrients for the face and body.
Contains lavender, mandarin, and neroli essential oil in a base of sweet almond, sunflower, macadamia nut, vitamin e, evening primrose, jojoba, peach kernel, hemp, wheatgerm, pomegranate, rose hip and sea buckthorn oils.

Lavender Hydrosol

An excellent skin cleanser and toner, this gentle lavender water is also good for soothing irritated skin and eyes.
50 ml Lavender floral water (hydrosol) is produced in the distillation process for lavender essential oil.

Skin Healing Cream

A cream to soothe irritated and inflamed skin caused by excema and dermatitis.
Contains yarrow, lavender, patchouli and frankincense essential oils in a moisturising cream base.

Replenishing Skin Lotion

A soothing and replenishing lotion ideal for restoring moisture to dry skin.
Contains carrot seed, cardamom, jasmine and niaouli essential oils in a moisturising lotion base.

Soothing Hand and Body Lotion

For all over moisturising and skin protection, the essential oils in this blend will also soothe your senses.
Contains lavender, geranium and myrrh essential oils in a lotion base.

Sore Throat Lotion

A lotion to soothe a painful sore throat and ease cold symptoms.
Contains sandalwood, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils in a lotion base.

Under-Eye Aloe Vera Gel

A gentle and soothing gel to help combat puffiness under the eyes which can be caused by congested sinuses. Contains frankincense, cypress and yarrow essential oils in 99% pure aloe vera gel.

Relaxing Bath Oil

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with this soothing blend.
Contains sweet orange, sweet marjoram and vetiver essential oils in a dispersing bath oil.

Refreshing Bath Oil

Perk yourself up with this bath oil blend, leaves you feeling refreshed and moisturised. Contains cubeb, juniper, lemon, grapefruit and may chang essential oils in a dispersing bath oil.

Relaxing Massage Oil

For a relaxing massage at home, this blend sends you off to sleep.
Contains lavender, clary sage and rose essential oils in a sweet almond and vitamin e massage oil base.

Clear Focus Massage Oil

For a rejuvenating massage at home leaving you relaxed with a clear head.
Contains rosemary, ginger, fennel, black pepper and eucalyptus essential oils in a sweet almond and wheatgerm massage oil base.

Baby Massage Oil

Excellent for baby massage and easing cradle cap.
A delicate 1% blend of lavender and mandarin in sweet almond oil.


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